Beautiful, Calm and Captivating.

There is only one word for The Mason Jar by James Russell Lingerfelt, and that is beautiful. It is the most beautiful novel that I have ever read, and I was truly blessed to receive a copy.

The Mason Jar explores the themes of love and forgiveness. The love of Finn for his grandfather, and his for Finn; the love of Finn for Eden, and hers for him; the love of God the Father for His children; and the love that means the right path is pursued even though it hurts.

Forgiveness goes hand in hand with love. It cannot be earned, and it may not be deserved, but we can choose to forgive. When we love deeply, we can be hurt deeply but forgiveness must follow, or we become the ones who are bitter.

The novel begins ten years after Finn and Eden first met, and is told in the third person. It then moves to the point of view of Finn and is told in the first person, in the form of a book within a book, of his love for Eden. Finally reverting to present day and third person.

Finn deeply loves not only Eden but his grandfather, who is always full of wise advice and love. Finn and his grandfather share many a time together, talking and drinking tea from mason jars. And it is in a mason jar that they leave their letters for each other.

Finn also has a deep love for Africa and the plight of the poor there. He echoes the love that the Father has for all His children.

The Mason Jar has wonderful descriptions, drawn so beautifully, that the reader can really picture the scene. It is not just words on a page, the reader feels he can ‘see’ the setting, and certainly can feel the deep love that runs throughout the novel.

I cannot urge you strongly enough to read this novel – you will be blessed by it. And whilst enjoying the story, the reader feels a sense of calm and inner peace, as the wise words of Finn’s grandfather will penetrate deep into your soul.